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BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE | Miss Nepal World -ANUSHKA SHRESTHA 2019 | Seeking Helping Hands


Inside the walls of the newly built post-earthquake school building, 2 teachers struggle to teach a total of 120 students. Fifth graders struggle to read a simple sentence in Nepali.

Outside, families struggle with surviving on ad hoc labor work and the meager number of crops they grow on their farms.
Income is less than a dollar a day. The nearest health post is a 2 hour walk away.
What I just described is the current situation of the village of Solsing, located around 70 km away from the capital in the district of Sindhupalchowk with a total population of 140 households. And sadly, many such villages can be found in Nepal.

A community which is tangled in a seemingly unbreakable cycle of poverty.

Where do we come in?

With the intention of bringing about a long-lasting, positive change, our intervention here is based on a sustainable, replicable community upliftment model. We are geared up to improve and strengthen the three major pillars of the community – Education, Health and Livelihood Generation; intending to create two change makers per family – the mother and child- from each of the 140 households who then in turn, will be the stewards of development, even in the longer run.
The underlying goal is to enable the members of this community to bring about a positive sustainable change- one sturdy step at a time.

An ambitious project, this will need the blessings, love and support of Nepalese and well wishers of Nepal all around the world. Let’s do this.


यस वेवसाईटमा प्रकाशित समाचार, विचार र लेखबारे तपाईको कुनै प्रतिक्रिया, गुनासो, सुझाव र सल्लाह छन् भने कृपया हामीलाई निम्न ईमेलमा पठाउनुहोला । तपाईको सहयोगले हामीलाई निष्पक्ष र तटस्थ पत्रकारिता गर्न टेवा पुग्नेछ । सम्पर्क इमेल :

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